Social Media Strategy

How Social Media Relates to SEO

Social media and search engine optimisation are both part of the digital marketing mix. However, they’re considered to be very different activities. Social media does not directly impact SEO, but regular posts can encourage a number of results.

It Improves Brand Awareness 

Social media compliments search engine optimisation. Both try to achieve one thing – making your content discoverable. Most channels encourage hashtags. These are seen as the most relevant keywords which relate to your product. Hashtags are often searched, meaning that you’re likely to attract your target audience. Making sure you use keywords with high search volumes will encourage a wider audience.

It Improves Backlinks

Most search engines rank pages higher if they receive high quality links. Links from social channels are considered to be of high quality. Why? Because they receive millions of visitors daily and have high web rankings. Therefore, they’re considered to be trustworthy. Sharing content from your website directly on social media maximises backlink building. It’s also advised to encourage users to share your social post. When the post is shared, this also increases the strength of link.

Video Content Improves SEO

As mentioned in a recent blog, Google also loves video content. It’s placed highly on Google search results. Why? Because video keeps people on your website. The longer visitors spend on your website, the higher Google will rank you in the search engine. Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google. When video content is also uploaded to YouTube, you’re increasing your awareness. If you optimise this content through tags, keywords and video titles, you’re twice as likely to reach your target audience.

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