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Marketing Strategy

Whether you already have marketing objectives or KPIs in place, FlairRepublic can help to define these and make targets achievable. We analyse your micro and macro environments and identify gaps in digital environment, helping you to gain insight of your competitive positioning and define strategies and tactics to achieve your marketing goals.

Guides & E-Books

When linked with download forms, having e-books available on your website can help to dissect potential customers with interest in specific products or topics. Through FlairRepublic, they can also encourage customers to use your services by providing an understanding of your industry.

Price Guides / Datasheets

By communicating with the relevant people within your organisation,
FlairRepublic can create price guides and data sheets in order for you to close deals with your customers.


Podcasts can engage an audience with little time on their hands. FlairRepublic can provide fully-remote podcasts, including scripting and recording so that even the most time-focused customers can experience your marketing presence.


Webinars are a great way to engage an audience, especially if your target market is in a fast-paced environment with time playing a pivotal role in getting things done. Not only this, through end-of-webinar surveys and communications, FlairRepublic can provide a process that initiates lead follow-up.

Social Media Strategy

Lead generation is such an important benefit of social media for business. At FlairRepublic, we recognise the value of using resources to connect with your audience. With frequent messaging and a social media schedule in place, we can improve your online growth, elevate your presence across social media networks and get you targeting the appropriate people.

PPC Advertising

Once you have the keywords in place to attract the right audience, a pay-per-click marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase conversion rates and consequently increase your number of leads. FlairRepublic offer PPC marketing as a service through extensive keyword research, reviewing competitor keyword bids and defining a keyword strategy to communicate with your core audiences.

Sales Decks

Having the right sales tools in place can automatically set you above the competition. Using advanced transitions and videos within our decks, we create something that's truly unique and coherent to engage your customers.

Branded / Demo Videos

Video content is a fairly new way to engage potential customers. Engaging your customers through branded & demo videos allows clients to analyse where the gaps are in their current solutions whilst being engaged through visualy immersive graphics. Once a script is finalised,
FlairRepublic can create these videos to increase levels of engagement.


Infographics are a great way for customers and potential customers to digest information about your business. As the human brain processes visuals better than text, FlairRepublic can create infographics which increase customer engagement.


Blogs are one of the most fundamental resources to increase your organic SEO. Discussing topics which resonate with your target audience improves your search engine ranking by using keywords throughout your posts. We create thought-leadership content specifically for your target market and to educate and influence your visitors.


Search engine optimisation increases your visibility through search engines, focusing on search results relating specifically to your company, products, service or industry. FlairRepublic can perform an SEO audit: researching keywords, analysing your current online content and placing relevant keywords and topics throughout your website. The
best strategies come tailored to your business, and a personalised SEO strategy does exactly that.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains essential to remind customers of your online presence. Whether you currently have a CRM in place or not, FlairRepublic can take your database and create an email schedule based your current focuses and gaps within the market.

Website Design

With a growth-driven approach, FlairRepublic can create a visually coherent website which reflects your messaging strategy and aligns with your business goals. To gain and convert leads through your website, an interactive web experience is needed to excite and inspire. These days, websites aren’t just viewed on a desktop, they’re also viewed on mobile and tablet devices - so whilst it’s our mission to provide you with a website to grow and nurture leads, we also make it our mission to build a fully responsive website that fantastically functions across any device. By redesigning or simply refreshing your website, we can provide you with the most proven marketing tactics, from content and pop-ups to contact forms, which help turn leads into sales. With trusted hosting packages, FlairRepublic also provides 99.9% uptime with a dedicated server and free daily backups.

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