The Top 5 Free SEO Tools to Rank #1 in Google

Looking to improve your website on a budget? We’ve put together some of the 5 best SEO freemium and free tools for you to audit and improve your SEO. With freemium tools constantly growing an innovating, you can already trust…

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Google Analytics: Universal Analytics vs GA4 – What Changed?

GA4 has been around for almost two years, but as of 1st July 2023, it is the only option available for Google Analytics. If you’re yet to familiarise yourself with GA4, here’s some of the key differences to take note…

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation
3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation, most commonly known as SEO, is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to increasing online growth. Without an SEO strategy in place, you could be missing out on many potential customers that are looking…

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How Social Media Relates to SEO

Social media and search engine optimisation are both part of the digital marketing mix. However, they’re considered to be very different activities. Social media does not directly impact SEO, but regular posts can encourage a number of results. It Improves…

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PPC Questions Answered
Why You’re Not Seeing Results from PPC Advertising

PPC advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click, is a quick and easy way to generate leads. In the continuous competition to be on the first page of Google, with the right amount of spend, Google Adwords places you on the top…

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How to Create the Ultimate Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is something every business needs. It’s the basis for future activities. Marketers who document their strategy are 538 percent more likely to report success than those who don’t. But what are the essential elements that provide success? In this…

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Facebook Advertising Page
4 Reasons to Be Using Facebook Advertising

With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network worldwide. Much to this reason, it’s also the top social media channel of choice for the majority of marketers. So why should it be utilised to…

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Direct Mail Marketing
Why Direct Marketing Isn’t Dead in the Digital Age

In recent weeks, we’ve spoken to many of our clients about the benefits of direct marketing. Direct marketing is one of the most traditional methods of marketing, but still one of the most effective. When used in conjunction with digital…

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A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Advertising
Free Download: A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

Marketing serves a purpose. To transform your business for the better. We’ve been managing social media accounts for more than 8 years and we’re here to help transform your business too. The benefits of social media marketing are limitless. With…

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Content Marketing

During the Covid-19 crisis, the world has adapted to a new way of marketing. Social distancing has meant the majority of what we absorb as a consumer is digital. We don’t necessarily have the option to go to a physical…

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