How To Effectively Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How To Effectively Use Social Media Marketing

Social media has revolutionised marketing over the past couple of decades. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (to name a few) have drastically changed the way we engage with products and services. With the number of social media channels readily available, it can become difficult to cut through the noise and know where to focus your energy.

Which social media platforms should you be using for marketing?

The social media channels you choose should come down to quality and not quantity. Numbers aren’t everything. There’s no point in having social channels just for vanity. Don’t divide your attention to social media channels that your target audience aren’t using. The most importance focus should be a loyal following. Specifically use the channels where your target audience is and cater your content towards these consumers.

Where is your target audience?

Consider the purpose of your product or service when addressing social media marketing. What’s your USP and what would the customer gain from seeing your content on a particular platform?

Where would your target audience expect to find you? This is a prime example of why you need a marketing strategy – customer personas need to be addressed. Look at the touch points and pain points for your target audience. What social media platforms would they be engaging with?

Social media demographics are readily available across search engines to help guide your marketing efforts. However, social media networks are starting to give statistics straight from the source. Take Pinterest as an example who’ve provided research from their consumer study.

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