Facebook Advertising

4 Reasons to Be Using Facebook Advertising

With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network worldwide. Much to this reason, it’s also the top social media channel of choice for the majority of marketers. So why should it be utilised to bring you customers?

Improved Post Reach

If you’re currently posting to social media without the use of Facebook advertising, there’s a particular reason for the lack of results. This is because Facebook limits the organic reach of your posts. In fact, on average Facebook only shows your posts to 6% of your audience. So you’re wondering why this is Facebook are doing this. The answer is that Facebook Ads are competing for News Feed space. Using paid social advertising allows you to be seen amongst the competition.

Tailor Ads To Specific Goals

When setting up a campaign, Facebook advertising has 11 marketing objectives to choose from. This means that whether you’re looking to improve brand awareness, engagement or conversions, you can tailor your campaign to specific goals. Consequently, this makes campaign tracking is much more efficient.

Promote to Tailored Audiences

If you have a defined target audience, Facebook allows you to refine your audience through detailed targeting. Specific demographics, interests or behaviours can be selected, making your campaign much more powerful. This also works well if you’re on a tight marketing budget, as you essentially avoid wasted clicks.

Remarket to Past Visitors

The Facebook Pixel is a tool which connects your Facebook advertising to your website through a simple code. This piece of coding allows you to optimise ads, build better target audiences and remarket to people who have already taken some sort of action on your site. By remarketing to these customers, you’re twice as likely to sell to them as they’ve already shown a level of interest in your business.

Interested in knowing more about social media advertising? We recently put together a free Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads. If you require further social media marketing support, please do not hesitate to get in touch.