PPC Strategy

Improving PPC Advertising Results

PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click) is a quick and easy way to generate leads. In the continuous competition to be on the first page of Google, with the right amount of spend, Google Adwords places you on the top spot of search results. According to Formstack, PPC ads are one of the top three generators of on-page conversions. If you’re spending money on campaigns but not seeing any results, this blog will help you spot the errors.

Why are PPC Results Low?

Your Keywords are Too Broad

If you’re using a broad match, your bidding on related searches. However, these search terms aren’t always related to your product. Sometimes they’re too broad. Stick to exact matches. By bidding on exact terms and close variations, you’re likely to save a lot of money and not bankrupt your business in the process.

You’re Not Reviewing Search Terms

In regards to broad matches, they also present another issue. Why? Because they’re likely to bring you a lot of irrelevant keywords. Therefore, if you’re not reviewing your keywords and adding them to the ‘negative keyword’ list, you’re going to spend unnecessary budget on unnecessary searches. Ideally you should review search in Google Ads regularly, if not daily. 

Your Bids Are Too Low

To figure out what search terms are working best for you, you need clicks on your adverts. The Google Ads Optimization Score indicates how well your ads are performing. Setting high campaign bids early on helps you to figure out the best results. This can then be reduced if necessary. An optimisation score of 80% and above will indicate your campaign is running well.

Your Ad Copy Isn’t Enticing

Don’t follow the crowd with your ad copy. Make it stand out. If you’re writing the same copy as everyone else, how will your adverts stand out? Your business is unique and so is your brand proposition. Sell this within your copy so that your ads are distinguished. This will help you get the right level of attention.

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